The other half (EN)


Her face looks familiar? Of course, it’s Eva, my sister, the other half of Sunters. For those who do not know the history of the blog, little background. Sunters was born one day in July 2010; after years Skyblog (not looking, I deleted all my accounts), I wanted to create a new space in which to express my creativity and my passion for fashion. So it’s natural that I talked to Eva, who was hooked to the project. Over several conversations, we found the name, then the guideline to follow; he had only! Eva was only 10 years old then and I almost 17, so for practical and ethical reasons I took the lead and have therefore managed the technical aspects of the blog. But it’s all we got to take pictures of looks and it is Eva who had the patience to endure my requirements (you know what I mean, hahaha), and for that, I can not thank her enough. Today, as you may have noticed, I forsake a little my place in front of goal to integrate the different Eva shootings than we realize (I must say it is damn photogenic too). Sunters this is more than a blog, it’s a story, our history, and for that I can never forget regret, or drop this part of my life. And that sentence makes sense when you know that I tattooed Sunters the symbol (crossed two sea anchors) there are now over 2 years!

PS: Eva was not at all aware of this article and I think I got it good;)

PPS: Follow her on Instagram @evaksionzkowski


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