Glossier (EN)


For all people who follow me on social networks, my passion for Glossier probably didn’t escape to you. Glossier is the super cool cosmetics brand founded by Emily Weiss, big boss of Into The Gloss. After hours and hours on their online sales site, I had the chance to go to the United States this summer (a chance because Glossier delivers only to US & Puerto Rico). Icing on the cake: I went to the Glossier Showroom in New York, where I bought the Phase 1 Set! Well, you’ll therefore understand that these photos are from this summer (better late than never eh) and the Showroom was further expanded since then, but one thing is sure, it remains perfect. For all those who have questions on the mark, with respect, I’m completely satisfied with the products. The rendering of Phase 1 Set is natural and has all the benefits of a daily beauty routine. And the good news is that the second part of the project has arrived! Glossier Phase 2 Set now offers a make up kit. Well, I’m already trying to develop some strategies to offer me EVERYTHING. I thought of sending my owl (#HPFOREVER), but it is a small form at the moment. In any case, I sincerely hope that the next step will be international shipping.


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