Crush test : FILA (EN)


New section on the blog: Crush Test! The goal is very simple, I test my fav’ products and makes you a quick debrief. To begin with, it’s the Fila pool tap which are being honored. Well, you don’t need a guidebook on the Fila brand, queen of the 90s and new star of social networks, I think everyone know what is it (if not, then you have hibernated in a cave the last twenty years). To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of this type of footwear but after a conversation with my little sister and also, the other half of Sunters, Eva, I let myself be convinced. After a try in Courchevel last week, here’s my verdict. First, I have to admit that to go to the pool after a long day of skiing, this is the best! I even find myself wearing them at home with a good old jogging (I swear). They are so comfortable and practical and delightful. Pool tap Fila therefore pass this test with success!

For information, these photos were taken at the Aquamotion, the new water park center of Courchevel. If you have the opportunity to go there, go for it, it’s great! Eva wears a bathrobe rented to Aquamotion, for a price of € 9 a Asos shirt last season and of course, the Fila tap.


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