I’m back ! (EN)


Hi there! As you guessed… I’m back! You certainly noticed that I wasn’t very present here but promise It will change. But now, you just ask yourself: WHY?! WHY YOU WERE NOT HERE ROXANE?! Ok it’s maybe a little bit too much… But I answer. First reason, because I’m too busy ok! No I’m kidding, I’m french, we’re never busy (just pretend we do). For real, you know that I was living in London and I was a very hardworking person there, so no time for blogging stuff. Second reason, I’m back to school (want to crying)… Third I’m actually in Paris for an internship. And last but not least (the typical sentence that learn french at school), bad guys hacked my email! OH MY GOOOD *American Voice* that was AWFUL! So, for all these very serious reasons (yes believe me it’s very serious and I’m very serious), I wasn’t really engaged to Sunters but no worries, I’m back to home sweet home. And I took a big decision… I’m going to put Me, Myself and I, into my blog (WHAT?!). Well, add a more personal touch. I hope you’ll enjoy it, if not, it’s the same. And be kind english people, I do my own translations.


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