One day with Margaux (EN)


As you know, I wanted to create something new on the blog and here we are, this is a new topic called “One Day With”. The idea is very simple : follow the day of one person through his fav places. One way of tracking down new skills and to introduce you to personalities that have caught my attention on the web and elsewhere.

For this first post, go on a Sunday with Margaux Fleury in the East Londoner. After San Francisco and Dubai, this French girl decided to settle in London there are now four years ago. UK director of an art gallery in Shoreditch, Margaux lives and works in the East. As she puts it, “I like the small neighborhood life that I have built here.” And it’s true that London can be much more than elsewhere, the corner where you unpack your suitcase becomes your favorite place.


So it’s around a brunch at the Bistrothèque as Margaux and I met. Set in a former warehouse, this restaurant New Yorkers loft-style proposes quality food at very reasonable prices. Accustomed places, Margaux goes there almost every Sunday and it is on his advice we ordered two lemonades (excellent by the way) and two toasts to lawyers. Fan trio muesli + yogurt + fruit, I also opted for a Granola, pomegranate, sour cream. Portions neither too tight nor too copious, this brunch is probably one of the best I’ve done since my arrival in the capital.


We then headed to Columbia Road Flower Market on. Very truly I will not be able to describe the general atmosphere that gives off it, but it is unique. All residents and surrounding areas come here to meet and find flower arrangement to decorate their home for the week ahead. Margaux goes there every Sunday and this time she is facing some red tulips / orange. I highly recommend you to go for a walk if you are on London. Margaux thank you for all his little address, I invite you to discover her blog and the website of La Bistrothèque (and make the transition a little book for next Sunday brunch) !


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